Impression vs Assessment vs Judgment

Basically an impression is the gut feeling you get in the moment when you see someone, or about a situation, you make up all sorts of things in your mind based on your cultural/social upbringing, past experiences, etc that might or might not be true/accurate. As humans, we fill in the blanks all the time [...]

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People judge way too quick. Without knowing, without studying, without understanding and loving. Judgment is necessary in some (rare) cases but should be used as last resort, after everything else has been tried and failed. Judgment is the last step, you've tried everything else, then you categorize and move on. Judgment is FINAL. It's non-negotiable, [...]

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Let me start by saying I hate that word. It's like with any other popular overused word, as soon as it makes it into mass vernacular, it starts to morph and stretch and lose its original meaning, its original intentions. People use it positively but people also use it negatively. And to me now it [...]

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To me, emotional reactions are the truest form of ourselves. The unfiltered raw, uninhibited version of us, you, me, our inner baby (communicating and just being). We learn to hide them, to disguise them, to justify them away. We learn we shouldn't feel a certain way or should feel a certain way. We learn what [...]

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It’s my birthday…

"I love you" I can't even begin to describe how those 3 words hurt me. Over and over and over. I just don't have the words to explain. Only tears that flush my eyes everytime I hear them. You were the one who were supposed to restore my faith in those words. You were the [...]

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Being “myself”

Genuine… what is genuine ? this singing workshop is a big slap in my face!So many questions spinning around my head… Be yourself… be natural, use your speaking voice… but am I not all that I do ? all my choices are they not me ? they come from my brain after allIs my voice [...]

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Easiest deep dish pizza recipe e-v-e-r !

When you are an artist, your creativity knows no limits, it overflows to all areas of your life.Perhaps I should one day attend a culinary class 'cause let's face it, I really don't know what I'm doing when I open the spice cabinet. So I usually stick to the basics (salt'n'peppa) plus some safe bet [...]

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Become a touring artist – Plan B

So... Plan A didn't work out that well... (as a reminder, plan A was to stumble upon Cinderella's Godmother, who would wave her magic wand over my face and bring out the best of me instantly for the world to see)So I guess I gotta come down to moving on to Plan B. In Plan [...]

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It’s a Filthy World

The world is so filthy I could spend my life in a bath tub Friendship is a political game, a networking strategy to turn yourself into a hub People don't care, people don't give, people don't give a shit I'm out of fresh air, I can't breathe, this cloud is intoxicating It doesn't matter if [...]

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Thank you !

Thank you so much... Without your jealousy, your words, you telling me that I'm stupid and incapable and unworthy, I would have never been able to gather my courage and fly away and escape into a life of solitude like I did. Without you telling me that I'm fat and ugly and that no one [...]

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Tic tac toc

Le temps passe sournoisement. J'essaye en vain de transformer mes larmes en notes. Plus le temps passe, plus les souvenirs s'engouffrent au plus profond de mon antre. La tempête a laissé place à un brouillard épais et dense. Je ne distingue plus rien, je ne vois plus mes pieds, je m'enfonce dans ce monde qui [...]

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Why FANS are NOT fans anymore

I never bought into the whole hysteric screaming pool of people that seem they wanna rip the artist's clothes off and feed off his flesh.Have I experienced insane love for an artist, his words, and all the world that s/he creates ? Yes, of course, otherwise I wouldn't be so passionate about what I am [...]

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What’s a Maverick

Today is a big day! Yes today is a big day because today I’m not ashamed to say it, to talk about my past.I am proud of having lived so much and survived with the force and courage of my heart and legendary stubbornness. Yes that’s what being a maverick is. It is not: smoking, drinking, having [...]

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When the ship sails away

You'd think, after all that time spent just dreaming about it...You'd think, after all that courage that it took to gather for it...You'd think that once my ship was ready to sail away, that I'd be cutting through the waves, like the favorite of the race.Filled with the joy to admire the sea at every [...]

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I promise to keep your info safe and never share it
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I promise to keep your info safe and never share it
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