Thank you !

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Thank you so much…

Without your jealousy, your words, you telling me that I’m stupid and incapable and unworthy, I would have never been able to gather my courage and fly away and escape into a life of solitude like I did.

Without you telling me that I’m fat and ugly and that no one would ever want me, I would have never ended up in abusive arms that pushed me to become the person incapable of loving blindly I am.

And without your hate, daily humiliation, abuse, you making fun of every step I took and every word I said, I wouldn’t be fighting for survival and fighting against oppression of the minority, the unheard, the misunderstood, the revolutionary thinkers.

You made my life so much more interesting.

You telling me that I will never make it, that I don’t have a talent, that I can’t sing… well guess what.

It doesn’t matter if I can’t sing because these words are mine, and this voice is mine, and that’s all that matters. No they don’t care about your obsessive absolute pitches, yes I got sh*t tons of truths to say.

You were never able to say you’re sorry, you just said it’s all over and now you can only be a better person, but even if it didn’t change what I feel in my heart, a ‘sorry’ is the least I expected and you’re a coward for not being able to utter one!

What do you think?

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Get  3 of my songs for free and discover the Black Swan World!
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