Become a touring artist – Plan B

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So… Plan A didn’t work out that well… (as a reminder, plan A was to stumble upon Cinderella’s Godmother, who would wave her magic wand over my face and bring out the best of me instantly for the world to see)
So I guess I gotta come down to moving on to Plan B.

In Plan B, I’m setting out for myself to start playing out live, even though I am a terribly clumsy musician and quite an odd singer.
So what!… When I decided that nothing could hold me back, I meant not even my clumsiness, nor my lingering shyness. And by writing it down here, publicly displayed, I better stand up to my plan. That’s how you majestically kick yourself in the butt.
So… playing out live this summer, hu! Well, gotta put some songs together, gotta practice.

Playing out starts by playing on your front porch. Nooo she didn’t… Oh yes I did.
I also pulled out my guitar outside of Kroger, at a random isolated street corner, and at a bus stop.
What would be even better is if my own songs were finished so I could play those, but hey, sometimes in life you just can’t get everything in the order you wanted.

And of course keep on co-writing, networking, workshops, events, etc.

Gonna keep you posted on how Plan B is coming along. After a few more Krogers, I should be heading out to an open mic night. If you out there reading this have experienced starting out playing out, I would love to hear about your advice.

What do you think?

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Get  3 of my songs for free and discover the Black Swan World!
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