Some musical creations, full songs, instrumentals, demos. Play around, comment, share, remix (well… ask me first of course :))

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  • Because it is the privilege of art to accompany change
  • Because it is the noble mission of the artist to speak up
  • Because diversity makes the world go round
  • Because the world needs great values and integrity to be associated with success
  • Because freedom of thought and love are worth peacefully and passionately fighting for
  • Because we refuse to let hypocrisy, intolerance, manipulation,and jealousy win

  • Because music brings hope, inspires, and unites
  • Because it makes you smile, cry, shiver, sing, and dance
  • Because with music life is more breathable
  • Because music heals the soul from invisible wounds
  • Because when no one is there, music is
  • And if it weren’t for music, we wouldn’t be here

Irenka, I absolutely love “Autumn song” (with lyrics) It is so beautiful and it touches my soul !!!

  • Leslie,
  • California

Get  3 of my songs for free and discover the Black Swan World!
Get my music
Get  3 of my songs for free and discover the Black Swan World!
Get my music
Click here to get 3 of my songs for free :)