Locked In

  • Locked in the closet, Master’s after me
  • I’m just tired of it so I swallowed the key
  • With all wandering hands locked out of this room
  • At least I’ll hold the reins when sleeping with the broom
  • And I’ll play dares and dice games with the rats and mice
  • Away from the sunlight I’ll be royal white but
  • Oh no my God,
  • Wait a minute, wait a minute
  • I didn’t think it through, is it really worth it ?
  • How will I get out, silly me
  • Indeed I fear I’ll be late for tea !
  • Locked in my garret, I don’t understand
  • Can’t I ask the white rabbits which way to Wonderland ?
  • Now I’ve nowhere to hide when my Master visits
  • He says I’m quite lucky to share his little secrets
  • Well it’s not so bad to be considered mad
  • Only one chore to do, then admire the view but
  • Oh no my God,
  • What shall happen, what shall happen
  • What will Master do, if I am a burden ?
  • Should have been more sly, silly me
  • I beg you please, don’t deprive me from tea!
  • If I’m sent to the streets, I want to go see Paris
  • Louis, the French chef, vowed that soon we shall flee
  • If I’m sent to the asylum I’ll just feign hysteria
  • So I can be treated… you know in which area
  • Locked in a coffin, I’m finally free
  • I just miss chocolate muffins, oh dear and my tea !
  • Thanks to tight waist corsets in which I was laced daily
  • I gave my last breath delivering the bastard baby
  • Will I go to heaven since I’m only seventeen ?
  • Ignorance I’ll plead or self-defense indeed but
  • Oh yes my God,
  • I’m so grateful to you for fashion
  • For as long as I’ve lived, it was your best creation
  • Although maybe not, silly me
  • Apart from tea – of course – it was my insanity !
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Get  3 of my songs for free and discover the Black Swan World!
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