Super Fan bundle – T‑shirt + 2 CDs

Super Fan bundle – T‑shirt + 2 CDs

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In stock (can be backordered)

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Basically you get a CD free!

Unisex black T-shirt. U.S. made high quality print, machine washable. 100% heavy cotton. “Music heals the soul” handmade graffiti font design on the back (design by Irenka *)


2017 remastered version of Irenka’s debut EP released in 2014 as a demo.
Contains 5 tracks on the CD and 1 downloadable bonus track.

Track listing :

  1. Comme Si (French)
  2. Dreamland
  3. Autumn
  4. I Don’t Need No Lover
  5. A Reason To Hate Me

Bonus track :

  1. L’Impasse (French)


International Christmas carols in French, Czech, Spanish and English recorded live in Clarksville, Tennessee with Irenka * & Santa’s Trio.

Track listing :

  1. Vánoce, Vánoce Přicházejí
  2. Ay Del Chiquirritín
  3. Mon Beau Sapin
  4. White Christmas
  5. Purpura
  6. O Grand Saint Nicolas
  7. Feliz Navidad
  8. Silent Night/Douce Nuit/Tichá Noc/Noche de Paz


Also includes digital download links to both CDs: all tracks and cover art!


“Christmas is an international Holiday that brings people together around the world. Different cultures have many variations when it comes to the Christmas dinner, gift giving traditions, and music, but in the end, the spirit of togetherness and celebration is the same. It’s about rejoicing with those who are closest to us. I wanted to create a show that demonstrates that, bridges the cultures, and brings us all closer together, we are one.”

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Get  3 of my songs for free and discover the Black Swan World!
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