Be a Producer of my "Dreamland" Music Video!

Bonjour to all my fans and friends!


In the fall of 2012 it had been one year that I had left my country for the United States to pursue a music career in the amazing city of Nashville. At the time, I thought the hardest was behind me but once here I encountered many other hurdles on my journey and that's when I wrote the first lines of "Dreamland", a song about sailing towards my dreams. (You can read the original post here.)

Similarly to the lyrics, the video will be an artistic allegory of that journey, featuring me dancing glowing with body-paint on a boat at night relating a touching story of solitude and courage, faith, self-doubt and self-empowerment.

This music video will conclude my "Wait 4 it..." EP era as I move on to continue working on my new album.

Here's a demo with footage of the first shoot that we did so you can see what it looks like. I am wearing a long flowing and glowing tulle skirt.


You like the idea? You wanna help and be a part of this artsy project with me ?? YAYYYYY!!! Thank you, I'm super excited ! :) Just select your pledge (role on the ship below) and choose one of the following options to send your pledge. (And you can always upgrade pledges later on if you would like to get more involved as we move forward !)

buoyPAYPAL   If you have a PayPal account, use this link preferably to donate as friends/family. You will be able to use your card but I won't be charged a fee.

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buoyCARD If you don't have a PayPal account, no worries, you can use this donate button and enter credit/debit card details.

buoyCHECK   I'm open to other options and want to make it easy for you, so if you would rather send a check or money order, please shoot me an email to arrange.

Thank You so much for your support!

I will let you know as soon as I receive your pledge to confirm your enrollment on the ship, ha! Any questions, let me know.



FAQ (and blah blah blah)

WOWWW that's a lot of options to choose from, why so many?

I'm offering these options so anybody can join in, from those who just want to get their toes wet to the most adventurous ones who want to hop on board and get the full-production experience! There are Irenka lovers from all ages and backgrounds. I do want you to know that I appreciate everybody and any support even if just sharing and liking my music and projects. I COULD NOT BE DOING WHAT I AM DOING WITHOUT YOU IN MY LIFE, and for that I am eternally grateful!
For all Sailors, Boatswains, Navigators, Chief Officers and Captains, make sure to provide Santa Claus with your desired mailing address :)

What's that "LIVE STREAM" thing? Will I get to see your boobs being painted?

Hum... NO! Sorry, not that kind of video lol. I do hope that that won't turn you off (pun intended) from still participating. And by Live Stream, I mean that I will be streaming live from the location (studio, boat), and YOU will be able to tune in and watch in REAL TIME from your kitchen, your bedroom, your car, your bath, your cave, what's going on in my world. If you are not able to join in in real-time, you will have access to the replay (that I will release publicly), and you will also have an option to download the streams to keep as a souvenir of your participation in this adventure.

Why don't you do a 0-budget iPhone video yourself, Irenka? just buy some paint on eBay, paint your butt, grab a friend or two, jump the fence at the lake and steal a boat for a ride!

HAHA! Good question! Well, last year in summer 2015, I did produce my very first music video for my song "Comme Si" by myself. It was an unforgettable experience, very fun, very experimental, and very educational for me. It was a low budget production, the plan was to do as much as possible everything myself and use it to learn all I can about video production, coordination, leading a team, instructing my awesome friends how to hold the camera under my chin lol, how to avoid mirrors and reflecting windows, how to frame me and follow me running, flipping, jumping, dancing... :D
Now I am getting ready to produce my new music video for my song "Dreamland" but this time I want to step it up a notch with an actual film production team. For one thing, I feel very blessed to be pursuing my artistic dreams, impacting the world like I do and I think it's so much more fun to be able to share that experience with you! I believe in art by the people, for the people. You are the reason why I do what I do, and when I have you blowing in my wings, it gives so much more meaning to my endeavors. So here I shall present to you my new project and hope you join me in making this a reality!


Well, dancing for me is inseparable from music, it's a natural and organic response to music. I have been dancing ever since I could stand on my feet, and there is evidence supporting that I have been dancing even before that (yep, a baby video of me shaking my head in rhythm to the beat hahaha). It is a form of art and expression that completes me and my art and adds a dynamic dimension to the music and the story it tells. Dancing is the language of the body telling a story.

Thank You, Much Love, always!   heart

Irenka *